Nash Rambler Nash Rambler
Songwriter - Lake Mary, Florida
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©2008 Michael J. Wierzbowski
Always Live!!
Original Music - Reasonable Rates
Florida My Home

You'll only hear live music from Nash Rambler - no drum machines, no backing tracks,
no pitch correction, no machine generated chorus, no karaoke - no kidding!
I don't need and don't use any performance enhancements!

No one does a song better than the songwriter!

My unique finger style of guitar playing is the key to my success - a steady bass rhythm accented by arpeggios and bends on the higher strings. Please, don't ask me how it's done...I really don't know.

C'mon out and see me sometime! You won't be disappointed.
Some Comments
I admire the fact that you, make your music the real way - one note at a time - no computers.
"Sure enjoyed listening to you. It was just perfect for what we were doing on Sunday .... grabbing a bite and having some suds ...... your style is great, volumes (sic) just right."
"Thanks for making my meal enjoyable."
"Thank you for not playing Jimmy Buffet."
"We were walking by, and I couldn't believe all that sound was coming from one guitar."
"Totally enjoyable!"
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